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At Kinetic Soul Productions, our one-of-a-kind Theatre and Film events are only possible due to the hard work and dedication of our incredible cast and crew. Check below to see what’s coming up this season.


Brilliant Traces

Week 1: Jan 31st - Feb 2nd
Week 2: Feb 7th - Feb 9th

PAL Studio Theatre

From the mind of Cindy Lou Johnson comes the powerful tour-de-force Brilliant Traces. A troubled young woman's escape leads her to the most remote depths of Alaska. After breaking into a presumed-abandoned shack, she stumbles upon a man in the midst of a getaway of his own. Despite cabin-fever and untenable motives, they must manoeuvre their way to an understanding before losing themselves completely.


Spring 2019

In connection with H.Y.S.T Films, Kinetic Soul will be producing a feature film based off the play of the same name, written and directed by Artistic Director, Logan Mitev. Ever wonder what teachers do on their time off? Well, these aren't your ordinary teachers. A simple staff potluck goes awry as the turbulent lives of these educators get unveiled in quick-witted, zany, and heartbreaking fashion. After shooting multiple shorts, the project that has been years in the work is now entirely cast and ready to begin shooting in the Spring. Stay tuned for updates on this widely anticipated event.

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Our Mission:

At Kinetic Soul, it's our goal to create productions that invoke palpable reactions in our audience. Our team is filled with only the most committed and hardworking individuals who adore what they do. Small moments make up our lives. We dig deep and leave no stone unturned to bring you meaningful, thought-provoking projects.

 wild forest, among the legendary mounta


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At Kinetic Soul, we understand the benefit that the arts have on society. The tricky part, however, is that such a necessary field is underutilized due to its difficulty in being self-sufficient. To make Theatre and Film projects sustainable, we must dispel the notion that arts workers can be paid in "experience". At Kinetic Soul, we make sure that our funding is spent almost solely on booking space. If a project's venue is paid for, sales can go back into the industry and afford more people the ability to make a living in the arts.

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Brilliant Traces is the next event for Kinetic Soul. This play by Cindy Lou Johnson will be performed at the PAL Studio Theatre on the following dates:

Week One:  Jan 31st, Feb 1st, Feb 2nd,

Week Two:  Feb 7th, Feb 8th, Feb 9th.

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